juillet 2023

Johnathan Kell Art


Johnathan Kell – Varicolored
Explore a universe where eccentricity dances with the splendor of bright colors, guided by the lens of Johnathan Kell. In this gripping photographic epic, each shot reveals a kaleidoscope of emotions, where urban architecture blends harmoniously with the mischievous spirit of an elusive subculture.

Johnathan Kell Art

Albums Covers

Johnathan Kell – Albums Covers
The album covers produced by Johnathan Kell for La Jetée Éditions are true works of art that enhance the musical experience. Each visual composition is crafted with a unique artistic sensibility, capturing the deep essence of the music it houses.

Johnathan Kell Art

Those of the pier

Johnathan Kell – Portraits
Where artistic souls come alive through the lens of Johnathan Kell. Discover a captivating series of portraits that capture the essence and spirit of various artists, a collaboration with La Jetée Éditions.

Johnathan Kell Art Publishing

Steal and Destroy

Johnathan Kell – Steal and Destroy
Immerse yourself in the enigmatic universe where Johnathan Kell’s lens dances with the elusive essence of femininity. Discover a mesmerizing series of nudes, an avant-garde tribute to the raw spirit of the New York No Wave scene, blending timeless seduction with determined boldness.

Royalty-Free Music Artists

Siegfried Chevignon

Siegfried Chevignon brings fake film soundtracks to life. In this creation, Chevignon crafts melodies that evoke imaginary cinematic stories.

Evocative Works

Each musical composition by Siegfried Chevignon is an evocation. The notes reveal new cinematic landscapes, mysterious characters and captivating adventures, inviting the listener to get lost in an imaginary world.